[Bug 813] Scp to s Solaris 9 box gives "exit status 1" although file is delivered.

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Thu Apr 7 04:50:38 EST 2005


------- Additional Comments From alex at milivojevic.org  2005-04-07 04:50 -------
I was doing some testing, and the strange thing is that SunSSH server gives
wrong exit status only when using newer versions of openssh on the client side.

For example,

Red Hat 7.3 as client (openssh 3.1) is OK
Fedora Core / RHEL4 as client (openssh 3.9) gives error
Fedora devel as client (openssh 4.0) gives error

Unlike Darren's results, the results I got when testing were consistent (as in
"every single time").  OpenSSH 3.1 on client side always works correctly. 
OpenSSH 3.9 and newer on client side always gives non-zero exit status (but file
transfer itself is OK).

Could it be that something changed in OpenSSH that triggers this behaviour in
SunSSH server?  Maybe OpenSSH isn't as innocent as it might look on a first glance?

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