[Bug 1017] socklen_t test in configure fails/configure stops

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Tue Apr 19 21:44:48 EST 2005


------- Additional Comments From mark.lucking at bnpparibas.com  2005-04-19 21:44 -------
Compiled ... here are the results..

gvasrcsm01(lucm02a):/home/lucm02a $ cd test
gva(lucm02a):/home/lucm02a/test $ ls
conftest.c  conftest.o
gva(lucm02a):/home/lucm02a/test $ cat conftest.c
int main ()
  return 0;
gva(lucm02a):/home/lucm02a/test $gvasrcsm01(lucm02a):/home/lucm02a/test 
$ ./conftest.o
Could not load program ./conftest.o:
        The .loader section does not exist.

Working on configure with the option you mentioned...

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