[Bug 1069] session being terminated after succesful authentication

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Fri Aug 12 08:25:34 EST 2005


------- Additional Comments From djm at mindrot.org  2005-08-12 08:25 -------
> I'm not empowered with root privileges [when deployed, the sshd daemon
> will be run as root] but I've convinced our SA group to at least chown
> root:sys the sshd & ssh binaries and to set the setuid bit on those
> binaries (this is needed as the geteuid checking in login_write() causes
> the daemon to exit if running in -D mode). 

Don't do that. sshd isn't designed to be run setuid root.

You can run sshd without root privileges under your own uid, providing a) you
set UsePAM=no and you stick to pubkey or hostbased authentication. Obviously you
will not be able to authenticate as a different user.

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