[Bug 1066] off-by-one error with GSSAPI names

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Tue Aug 30 19:24:56 EST 2005


------- Additional Comments From simon at sxw.org.uk  2005-08-30 19:24 -------
Yes - all GSSAPI buffers use an explicit length, rather than using NULL as a
marker. This is a bug which should be fixed for correctness's sake.

David's fix is probably as good as any (and leaves the code more readable than
using a series of memcpy's to avoid the NULL in the first place). Perhaps the
modification to gssbuf.length should have a comment - to explain that its
stripping the trailing NULL.

However, in the case of import_name, all of the GSSAPI implementations I have
source for then take the buffer, malloc a string 1 character longer, and stick a
NULL back on the end. I can't see anyway in which already having the string NULL
terminated would cause the problems that David's describing.

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