[Bug 934] Traverse-only directories (e.g. chmod 110) break the cd command in sftp

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Mon Jan 10 03:38:48 EST 2005


------- Additional Comments From opensshbugzilla at prikryl.cz  2005-01-10 03:38 -------

I'm author of the metioned SFTP client (WinSCP).

I have been just experimenting with this issue. 
For me realpath does succeed on OpenSSH server on Linux 

With OpenSSH client (sftp) I'm able to enter the traverse-only directory. Of 
course I'm not able to list its content.

With my client (WinSCP) and PSFTP (Putty package) I'm not able to enter it. 
The reason it that both clients attempt to read the directory content (just 
open/close, no reading actually) in addition to doing "realpath" on it to make 
sure it actually exists. I do not know why Putty authors does this. I'm doing 
it because on some servers (for example OpenSSH on cygwin) "realpath" succeeds 
even for non-existing directories.

I guess I'll do "stat" instead of reading the directory.

So I believe you may close this bug, as there is no problem neither with 
OpenSSH client nor server.

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