[Bug 1058] Updating protected password database in HP-UX

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Sat Jul 9 00:39:16 EST 2005


------- Additional Comments From senthilkumar_sen at hotpop.com  2005-07-09 00:39 -------
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>You're just copying a pointer to the struct not copying the struct itself.

oops!, How I missed it ??

>it would be better elsewhere (auth-shadow.c is my first guess)

I will try this possibility.

>Why "options.use_pam"?If anything, I would have expected to skip this if PAM
is enabled.

If PAM is enabled for hpux, it will take care of updating the counter as part of 
authentication. But for key based authentications with PAM, skipping PAM won't 
update the counter. So its necessary for this update with PAM so that this 
feature is available for all Authentication methods.

> Let me think about it for a bit.

Ok, I will wait for some other possible options.

>Also, are you ever clearing the counter on sucessful login?  Should you?

Yes, it should be done. When I test with PAM modules they are clearing the 
counter after successful login. 

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