[Bug 1064] Patch: list valid key types in error message

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Sun Jul 31 21:39:47 EST 2005


           Summary: Patch: list valid key types in error message
           Product: Portable OpenSSH
           Version: 4.1p1
          Platform: All
        OS/Version: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: enhancement
          Priority: P2
         Component: ssh-keygen
        AssignedTo: bitbucket at mindrot.org
        ReportedBy: ed at membled.com

This is a patch to improve the error message from ssh-keygen when you give an
unknown key type.  The new message looks like

% ssh-keygen -t foo
unknown key type foo
known key types are: rsa1, rsa, dsa, ssh-rsa, ssh-dss

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