[Bug 1142] sshd: lnode attach failed in setuid

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Wed Jan 11 23:00:12 EST 2006


------- Comment #2 from dtucker at zip.com.au  2006-01-11 23:00 -------
For those wondering (as I was) what the heck an "lnode" is, from Chapter 5 of
the URL above:

The Solaris Resource Manager system is built around a fundamental addition to
the kernel: a per-user structure called an lnode. An lnode is essentially a
fixed-size place in which many kinds of per-user data can be stored and
updated. For every unique UID defined in the password map, there should be a
corresponding lnode. (This refers to every unique UID returned by successive
getpwent(3C)calls.) An lnode may exist without a corresponding password map
entry, but this is not recommended. Lnodes are stored on disk and automatically
moved in and out of memory by the kernel. In-memory copies of lnodes that have
been changed since they were read from disk are written back as part of the
regular system synchronization operations, as well as on demand when the sync
command is run, or when necessary to free space in the lnode cache for reading
in further lnodes.

Lnodes are maintained as a tree hierarchy, with the central system
administrator as the head of the tree, and other users as group headers of
smaller groups of users within the tree. The central administrator is the
superuser, or root user of the system. 

It sounds like a local system configuration/administration issue, not a bug in
in sshd.

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