[Bug 1206] configure: error: *** 'ar' missing, please install or fix your $PATH

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Tue Jul 4 17:27:34 EST 2006


------- Comment #3 from dtucker at zip.com.au  2006-07-04 17:27 -------
(In reply to comment #2)
> I specify 0.9.8b in the ./configure statement but it is finding 0.9.7d
> god knows where.

What exact arguments did you give to configure?

> The contrib/findssh.sh takes forever without reporting
> anything

findssl.sh is a horrible nasty hack (and I say that as its author :-)
but I can't imagine why it's not working for you.  Could you please run
"sh -x findssl.sh" and attach the output to this bug (please use
"Create Attachment" rather than pasting it into the comment field).

Also, you can have a look for any extra libcrypto files on your system
("find /lib /usr -name libcrypto\* -print").

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