[Bug 1195] sftp corrupts large files on new macbook pro

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------- Comment #1 from ski at allafrica.com  2006-06-09 07:24 -------
Bug ID #: 4529709
Bug Title: sftp corrupts large files on new macbook pro
<GMT27-Apr-2006 20:27:29GMT> Darrin Bodner:
Large files (on the order of 1GB are sometimes (~50%) corrupted when
transferred by using sftp).

Steps to Reproduce:
Enable sshd.
$ sftp localhost
> > get largefile largefile.copy
$ md5 largefile
$ md5 largefile.copy

The results usually differ. Using diff(1) confirms this is not a bug
with md5. Subsequent transfers can have the correct checksum or
different incorrect checksums, suggesting the corruption does not
always happen in the same place. Grabbing the file from a freebsd 6.1
server (with OpenSSH_4.2p1 FreeBSD-20050903, OpenSSL 0.9.7e-p1 25 Oct
2004) shows the same problem, indicating it is probably not a problem
with the server, but in the client instead.

Expected Results:
MD5 sums match, resulting file is not corrupt.

Actual Results:
File is corrupted ~50% of time for a 1GB file. Corruption rate seems to
increase with size.

Tested on a new macbook pro with mac os x 10.4.6 with all patches
applied as of 4/27/2006. Transfers from two different freebsd machines
have similar results (different md5 sum, corrupted data).

openssh from darwinports's sftp client has the same problem, so there
is likely an upstream bug. strangely, scp does not exhibit this bug
with either the darwinport or apple's built in command.

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