[Bug 1193] Open ssh will not allow changing of passwords on usernames greater than 8 characters.

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------- Comment #2 from dtucker at zip.com.au  2006-06-10 10:18 -------
According to Andrew, Sun has the following to say on the subject:

The truncation of usernames to 8 characters is a known limitation.

Technically Solaris (2.5.1 - 10) doesn't officially support usernames 
longer than 8 characters (see useradd(1M), which warns you when

a long username).  Solaris will run and allow logins with longer names 
however, several commands, like /bin/passwd, and other utilities are 
unable to handle them properly.

Many RFEs have been logged to get this changed, but they've all been 
closed in the past as "Will not fix" due to the requirement to keep 
inter-operability between the Solaris releases.

This point of view is being reviewed and an RFE for this is limitation 
is currently open (Bug/RFE: 4109819).

Until this is changed, the only way users with long usernames will be 
able to change their passwd is by explicitly calling /bin/passwd with 
the full username:

        $ /bin/passwd longusername

I suggest trying rebuilding OpenSSH with "./configure
--with-cflags=-DPASSWD_NEEDS_USERNAME" which will do what is described

I'm not sure if it will have any other side effects though (on some
platforms that only works for root, and by the time sshd invokes passwd
it has already given up all of its privileges).

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