[Bug 177] provide chroot option for sftp-server

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Wed Sep 6 06:38:28 EST 2006


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What about using PAM for sftp-server?

Currently, as it seems, only /etc/pam.d/ssh gets used (also for the
sftp subsystem), but I thought that it would be a nice idea to use
/etc/pam.d/sftp-server instead, if it is available.

This way, you could use
  session    required   pam_chroot.so
in /etc/pam.d/sftp-server and it would chroot to the path given in
/etc/security/chroot.conf from within sftp-server (and therefor should
also not require to have any libs in each chroot).

Does this sound reasonable? Should I open a new tracker wish item for

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