[Bug 1272] Unable to make OpenSSH with undefined refs in readconf.o

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Fri Feb 23 07:45:19 EST 2007


------- Comment #14 from fbaird at yahoo.com  2007-02-23 07:45 -------
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I cleaned my system of any "rogue" libgcc's and completely rebuilt gcc
and libgcc. This did get rid of the original problem (undefined refs in
readconf.o) but I never did get rid of the problem with the linker
being unable to find the symbol "_start". The executables would build
but always core dumped. I even went so far as to rebuild zlib and
openssl too.

So, uncle. I give up. I installed openssh-4.5p1-sol8-sparc-local.gz
from sunfreeware.com. Perhaps the problem arose from being on Sol 8
instead of 9 or 10. And maybe the guys at sunfreeware know some Sol 8
tricks for compilation. Regardless, I now have a functioning copy.
Thanks for all the time and help.

BTW, their installation guide (http://sunfreeware.com/openssh8.html) is
really good, even if you compile from the source rather than adding a

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