[Bug 1506] rationalize agent behavior on smartcard removal/reattachment

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Fri Aug 22 01:46:27 EST 2008


--- Comment #4 from Daniel Kahn Gillmor <dkg at fifthhorseman.net>  2008-08-22 01:46:24 ---
Hrm.  It looks like when the keys are stored in the agent, they're not
associated with any particular smartcard or reader, i think they're
just marked by Identity.key.flags |= KEY_FLAG_EXT.  Is that right?

It also looks like only a single smartcard PIN can be cached by the
agent at once.  So a user alternating between two smartcards (or using
two different keys with different PINs on a single smartcard, which is
possible at least on the cryptoFlex eGate) won't be able to use them
properly with a single agent.  This is probably a different bug that i
should file separately.

Also, the code for removing identities from the agent is all statically
declared within ssh-agent.c, so it won't be accessible from within

In light of all this, the best solution to me seems to be to invalidate
*all* hardware-stored keys as soon as any one of them reports a
failure.  This should be able to work in conjunction with the above
patch, because the above patch will avoid an error in the common case.

Does this sound right?

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