[Bug 1371] Add PKCS#11 (Smartcards) support into OpenSSH

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--- Comment #49 from Alon Bar-Lev <alon.barlev at gmail.com>  2008-06-29 15:06:00 ---

I expected that part of the work of multiple agents and formalizing the
protocol is reviewing the protocol in order to make it suitable for
external implementations, not just documenting what you have, as this
was not written in order to be external protocol. Take for example the
tty issue, until agent only solution may be used in console only mode
properly, there will be a need to patch the tools anyway.

For agent to work properly with ssh, only the following command may be
used (ssh2):
SSH2_AGENTC_SIGN_REQUEST (add tty field)

All the other (add, delete) are implementation specific. All
implementation specific can go into the get/set property messages. If
you do this, then people may write external agents as there will be no
dependencies between the client implementation and new agent features. 

Please review the implementation at attachment#1495 and see the
messages I use:

The remove id may be shared, but the format of the other two is
different than current messages, please tell me where I am wrong.

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