[Bug 1477] ssh-keygen not reading stdin as expected

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--- Comment #5 from Jameson Rollins <ssh-bugzilla at finestructure.net>  2008-11-18 04:55:46 ---
Hello.  I too would really like to see ssh-keygen be able to properly
read from stdin.  It would make many of the tasks I have to do much
much easier.  The current situation where input needs to be written to
an intermediate file is quite cumbersome.

It actually appears that reading of /dev/stdin may be broken, as
opposed to completely unsupported.  It appears that ssh-keygen will
read from a redirection of file, but not from a pipeline: 

servo:/tmp/cdtemp.laHoFb 0$ ssh-keygen -l -f id_rsa.pub 
1024 23:ff:58:10:19:b6:5d:4f:c9:92:28:00:57:2c:5a:c8 id_rsa.pub (RSA)
servo:/tmp/cdtemp.laHoFb 0$ ssh-keygen -l -f /dev/stdin <id_rsa.pub 
1024 23:ff:58:10:19:b6:5d:4f:c9:92:28:00:57:2c:5a:c8 /dev/stdin (RSA)
servo:/tmp/cdtemp.laHoFb 0$ cat id_rsa.pub | ssh-keygen -l -f
/dev/stdin is not a public key file.
servo:/tmp/cdtemp.laHoFb 1$ 

I don't understand why it would be behaving this way.

Thanks so much for such a great program.

servo:/tmp/cdtemp.laHoFb 0$ ssh -V
OpenSSH_5.1p1 Debian-3, OpenSSL 0.9.8g 19 Oct 2007
servo:/tmp/cdtemp.laHoFb 0$

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