[Bug 1424] Cannot signal a process over a channel (rfc 4254, section 6.9)

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--- Comment #8 from Andrew Hayden <andrew.hayden at gmail.com>  2008-11-21 03:11:18 ---
I'm voting for this one.  I sent an email to openssh-unix-dev and
Darren Tucker was kind enough to point me here.

I'm building an app based on JSch, a Java implementation of SSH2, and I
strongly desire the ability to send SIGINT and SIGKILL to the remote
processes that will be spawned via my program.  Currently I have no
clean way to do this, but this patch should allow it.

I concur with Damien Miller (though I am not a contributor) that some
of these signals make little or no sense to send through to clients.  I
would imagine that HUP, INT and KILL are probably the most frequent use
cases for remote clients trying to talk to something they've spawned on
the other side of the channel.  USR1 and USR2 probably make sense as
well for custom magic.

Would people be more comfortable committing this if the signals that
Damien lists as inappropriate (SIGSEGV, SIGFPE, SIGILL, SIGBUS,
SIGPIPE, SIGALRM and SIGABRT) are suppressed?

As a gentle nudge, the patch mentioned by the original poster, Daniel
Azuma, was proposed over 5 years ago.  I'm *not* complaining about the
timeline, as I'm not a committer and don't have any OpenSSH domain
knowledge whatsoever, but it would be *fantastic* if this could
actually make it into a release soon, especially since there's another
independent path here along with confirmation that it, too, works.

I'll be eternally grateful :)

Thanks, regardless.

-Andrew Hayden

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