[Bug 1581] Pb with syslog

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Tue Apr 7 02:35:15 EST 2009


--- Comment #2 from eric.savidan at orange-ftgroup.com  2009-04-07 02:35:14 ---

in fact, on my server, there are 2 openssh servers :
- openssh 3.7 installed natively by Solaris OS
- openssh 5.2p1 that I compiled and installed separately

I use openssh.server script to stop and start my openssh 5.2p1 server.

And I've just realized that the "-e" option was set. So no log via
syslog... Sorry.

So, I think, there is no bug with openssh.

Just a question : I get connection logs but there is no log concerning
transfers of data (get, put, ...). Is it normal ?


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