[Bug 1346] PAM environment takes precedence over SendEnv

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Sat Jan 3 08:50:15 EST 2009


--- Comment #28 from Roumen Petrov <openssh at roumenpetrov.info>  2009-01-03 08:50:13 ---
No idea what is problem.
Today I perform tests with Ubuntu 8.10 (debuan based distro). Before to
run tests LANG was removed from /etc/environment and
/etc/default/locale. After modification last file left empty.
Test pass when sshd was run with and without privilege separation and
for client - with and without pseudo tty-allocation (-t flag).

First time I see same output as you but it was my failure as I forgot
to enable client to send locale variables to my remote host (SendEnv
LC_* and SendEnv LANG on separate lines).

Also test was performed with invalid locale (LANG=TESTING ssh ...). In
this case remove host warn that locale don't exists.

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