[Bug 1584] umask setting in sshd

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Fri Jul 31 17:29:13 EST 2009


--- Comment #2 from Leo Baltus <leo.baltus at omroep.nl>  2009-07-31 17:29:12 ---
Hi Damien,

I am expecting to either have a umask setting in the configuration
file, or, even better, to not change the umask so sshd will use the
umask from the session that started it.

On certain uploadservers we would like users to have a umask 002 by
default. so that uploaded files from, say, windows will have group
write permission. These users are often collaborating with others and
have no clue about permissions.

The current behaviour is a hard change in the software and no means to
change it in configuration, that's an unfortunate combination.

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