[Bug 1604] SCTP support for openssh

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--- Comment #3 from Maciej Żenczykowski <zenczykowski at gmail.com>  2009-06-19 08:10:58 ---
> The main benefit from using SCTP is access to non TCP accessible sites.
> Or blocked by firewalls or connected via pure SCTP network.

SCTP is not a new protocol the likes of ipv6, as such I'm not quite
sure what you mean by a pure SCTP network.  The only reasonable case of
a pure SCTP network I can think of is in a test lab, where UDP & TCP
have been blocked to promote SCTP.

If a firewall is really restrictive enough to block ssh/tcp traffic
then it will probably also block unknown protocols (ie. sctp) anyway -
or it will implement the same policy for ssh/sctp as for ssh/tcp.  Thus
switching ssh from tcp to sctp will rarely help avoid the firewall.

Since using SCTP requires both SCTP capable client ssh and server sshd
binaries, with sctp access enabled, I fail to see how in all but very
very rare cases this is an easier solution than getting a tcp port

(I've actually run sshd/ssh over sctp with an ld_preload tcp->sctp
converter, and I'm mostly commenting here out of curiosity, since I'd
really like to see a real ssh over sctp implementation)

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