[Bug 866] ssh(1) is too picky about unknown options in ~/.ssh/config

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--- Comment #18 from Nicolas Williams <Nicolas.Williams at sun.com>  2009-03-13 04:16:58 ---
OpenSolaris shipped this ssh_config(4) parameter:


         Specifies a comma-separated list of  ssh_config  parame-
         ters,  which, if unknown to ssh(1), are to be ignored by

         This parameter is primarily intended to be used  in  the
         per-user ssh_config, ~/.ssh/config. While this parameter
         can also be used in the system wide  /etc/ssh/ssh_config
         file, it is generally useless as the capabilities of the
         ssh(1) client on that host should match that file.

There is no DontIgnoreIfUnknown as I had originally proposed in
PSARC/2004/505 (see

Solaris manpage:


OpenSolaris source:


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