[Bug 1213] ssh-keyscan exits in mid-way

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--- Comment #5 from aab at purdue.edu 2010-12-03 11:19:46 EST ---
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Fix(?) for premature ssh-keyscan abort.

This adds a local/static `cleanup_exit()' function to ssh-keyscan so
that aborts in non-ssh-keyscan code can be converted to "continue"s
while the `dispatch_run()' function is being executed.  It mimics the
already extant local/static `fatal()' function in using `exit()'
instead of the `_exit()' used in the default cleanup.c.

Two observations:
1) I also incremented the `howmany()' argument #1 count by 1.  This is
probably unnecessary but I note that all other occasions where
`howmany()' is used do this (and I'm chicken ...).
2) The current local/static `fatal()' function could possibly be
removed and the default one, defined in fatal.c, be used.

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