[Bug 1818] SSH2_MSG_CHANNEL_FAILURE on closed channel

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Tue Sep 14 04:10:08 EST 2010


--- Comment #2 from Simon Tatham <anakin at pobox.com> 2010-09-14 04:10:07 EST ---
Sorry about that; my packet log was apparently too big for Bugzilla to
accept. I've attached a redacted version, produced using the Perl

perl -ne 'if (/^\S/) { splice @lines, 2, $#lines-3, "  ...\n" if
$#lines >= 5; print @lines; @lines = (); print; } else { push @lines,
$_; }'

and hopefully that still shows the sequence of events (from PuTTY's
viewpoint) and all important numbers and details without the huge
wodges of irrelevant channel data.

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