[Bug 1951] Add home directory facility for chrooted environments

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--- Comment #4 from D'Arcy Cain <darcy at druid.net> 2011-12-03 09:27:52 EST ---
Again, not that useful.  Here is the issue.  My user is "joe" so his
home directory, where his public_html lives, is /u/joe.  In the chroot
directory he is /joe.  I want him to wind up in /joe.  After chroot
/u/joe doesn't even exist.  But I need it to exist in the top level in
order to display his web site so I can't modify /etc/passwd.

Yes, I could probably do all sorts of funky links/null mounts but a
simple sshd_config directive would be so much simpler and cleaner.

I do create a passwd and group file under /u so that directory listings
show ownership.

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