[Bug 1836] "undesired" behavior when using the -r flag

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--- Comment #2 from screw <screw.you at seznam.cz> 2011-03-11 03:19:26 EST ---
I didn't notice there's already bug filed about this behavior, so I've
made a possible fix(only for -v 5 version). You can find it here

I didn't know where to put it to not mess up the original.

My only concern is about the sys_uptime. Is it used for anything else
than just computing the start and end time of a flow (on the collector

My solution in brief:
when exporting flows i check whether the system_boot_time is less than
flow_start and/or the difference between system_boot_time and
flow_start is not more than ~49 days (as mentioned in the above post).
If so, set the system_boot_time to flow_start.

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