[Bug 1815] RemoteCommand and PseudoTTY config options

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--- Comment #4 from Björn "Vampire" Kautler <Vampire at Masters-of-Disaster.de> 2011-05-22 09:35:11 EST ---
Of course as script or alias it is shorter to type.
But I like to have this configuration there.
And those also were only examples, there are for sure other use-cases.
And hey, if someone doesn't want to use the feature he doesn't have to
and can still use scripts or aliases. :-)

While neither scripts nor aliases are portable.
The ssh config file I can also copy over to a Windows machine running
openssh and can immediately use it.
Aliases are not possible on Windoze and a script would have to be
rewritten as BAT script.

Besides that especially the SourceForge case does belong in that config
file logically as that "create" command is necessary to establish an
SSH connection to the SourceForge shell service. That is why it was my
example in the initial description.

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