[Bug 1513] CIDR address/masklen matching support for permitopen=

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Thu Apr 26 04:45:49 EST 2012


--- Comment #15 from RyanC <kvhwyucjkp at snkmail.com> 2012-04-26 04:45:49 EST ---

I'm not currently using OpenSSH 6.0 or higher anywhere that I need this
functionality, so forward-porting the patch (which, due to some
structural changes in the code, will be non-trivial) is low on my list
of priorities - between work, various personal projects and social
obligations I don't have a lot of free time.

However, if I could get some feedback from Damien as to what I would
need to do to get this patch merged, I would be happy to make the time
to spend a weekend forward-porting the patch. I don't want to have to
maintain it as a separate patch, and I don't like having to apply
custom patches and repackage software that I use.



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