[Bug 1964] QoS/DSCP names false translated to ToS hex value

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--- Comment #2 from Philip Prindeville <philipp at redfish-solutions.com> 2012-02-24 15:59:03 EST ---
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> Created attachment 2132 [details]
> ipqos-shift.diff
> shift DSCP values 2 bits right to accommodate ECN flags

The values *ARE* normalized to the TOS field being octet-aligned.

There is no shifting required.

Quoting RFC-2597:

6. Recommended Codepoints

   Recommended codepoints for the four general use AF classes are given
   below. These codepoints do not overlap with any other general use

   The RECOMMENDED values of the AF codepoints are as follows: AF11 = '
   001010', AF12 = '001100', AF13 = '001110', AF21 = '010010', AF22 = '
   010100', AF23 = '010110', AF31 = '011010', AF32 = '011100', AF33 = '
   011110', AF41 = '100010', AF42 = '100100', and AF43 = '100110'.  The
   table below summarizes the recommended AF codepoint values.

We take AF11 || 00 (i.e. shifted left 2 bits) and we get 0010100.00
which is 0x48.

Grepping through the sources, we get:

defines.h:65:# define    IPTOS_DSCP_AF21        0x48

Likewise, quoting RFC-2474, Section 2:

   Class Selector Codepoint: any of the eight codepoints in the range '
   xxx000' (where 'x' may equal '0' or '1').  Class Selector Codepoints
   are discussed in Sec. 4.2.2.

so CS1 would be 001000.00 or 0x20, indeed grepping through the source,
we get:

defines.h:78:# define    IPTOS_CLASS_CS1        0x20


There is no bug!

Please close this out as NOTABUG.

In the future, please check glibc's /usr/include/netinet/ip.h:

#define IPTOS_CLASS_MASK                0xe0
#define IPTOS_CLASS(class)              ((class) & IPTOS_CLASS_MASK)
#define IPTOS_CLASS_CS0                 0x00
#define IPTOS_CLASS_CS1                 0x20

the value for the macro "class" is meant to be iph->ip_tos, which
represents all 8 bits of the TOS octet, including the ECN bits.

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