[Bug 2005] scp should not overwrite files (without confirmation)

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--- Comment #4 from Christoph Anton Mitterer <calestyo at scientia.net> 2012-05-16 05:48:07 EST ---
Ok I see,... some comments nevertheless:

1) scp not only has the problem of not negotiating overwriting but also
not supporting any extended attributes / ACLs.
So I mean in principle, extensions to the "scp-protocol" would be
necessary anyway.
See bug #2009.

2) Maybe I'm wrong with that, too, but on both side some process would
have to write the file, right? And this process is ssh, right?
So at least it should be possible to specify on each side (in the
config) a default whether to override per default or not, or not?
I mean at least without any asking/negotiation or any notification (I
guess it's not possible either to just give messages back to stdout)...

I would suggest then, that the default is _not_ to overwrite.

3) How many scp implementations are out there, which are currently
compatible with OpenSSH?
Would it be feasible to sit together with them and standardise scp,
e.g. as some RFC?

4) Is it possible for scp, to find out which scp server implementation
it talks to? I guess it must be somehow possible, at least my nagios
checks are able to get the implementation/version of remote SSHs.
So why not determining this first and if OpenSSH was found adding some
additional magic/syntax that makes this possible?

For other clients/servers (2) should still be done, so that accidental
overwriting when using mixed clients/servers could be prevented.

Just some ideas,

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