[Bug 2090] SSH/SSHD hang with a Match User setting in sshd_config .

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Tue Apr 16 21:13:54 EST 2013


--- Comment #2 from Vikas K Vicky <vikas.uit10 at gmail.com> ---
Actually I have tested with OpenSSH 5.8p1,6.0p1,6.1p1 & 6.2p1 and this
problem is present in all these versions.

The problem can be reproduced in AIX version 6.1 & 7.1 both with any of
the above mentioned OpenSSH versions.

I am attaching here the debug logs from both Client & Server.

NOTE- One Debug log (Debug-Output-Without-Hang) is for successful
scenario , i.e No SSH/SSHD doesn't hang with the configuration as
mentioned in the recreation steps.

Other Debug log(Debug-Output-With-Hang) is for the Hang scenario , i.e
SSH/SSHD hangs with the configuration as mentioned in the recreation
steps ( you need to try ssh login manually for random number of times
to recreate it).

One thing I noticed that for SSH/SSHD hang to happen - ssh login
requests should be very frequent from Client side. If there is
considerable amount of time gap between two consecutive ssh login
requests , then chances for Hang is very rare.

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