[Bug 2058] SSH Banner message displays UTF-8 multibyte char incorrrectly

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Sat Apr 27 00:45:26 EST 2013


--- Comment #5 from Laurent <laurent at elanor.org> ---
I was referring to the the section 5.4.  Banner Message of RFC4252:

      string    message in ISO-10646 UTF-8 encoding [RFC3629]
      string    language tag [RFC3066]

But anyway, I do not want to be dragged into a standard reading
competition. I almost regret citing it.

In my understanding, as a non-English speaker, that's what that section
5.4 of RFC4252 recognizes. Since it also refers to control-character
filtering after asking to send a banner in UTF-8, I think it does not
expect an implementation to convert everything to ASCII. That is the
easy way out (and please, let's not say that ASCII being a strict
subset of UTF-8, the message full of octal codes is still UTF-8).

My main point was:
for billions of people, ASCII is insufficient as a character set. So
please, there should be no hiding behind the letter of a standard.
Even if OpenSSH were following it to the letter, it'd still be wrong,
because the need to display more than ASCII is real.
Not doing it could be a way to get less security as a whole, not more.

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