[Bug 2016] SCTP Support

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Fri Aug 23 02:21:12 EST 2013


--- Comment #7 from proler at gmail.com ---
/usr/local/bin/ssh -z 2002:1111:1111::1
#Read from socket failed: Software caused connection abort

/usr/local/bin/ssh -z -6 2002:1111:1111::1
#ok, all v4 and v6 addrs in netstat -nW -p sctp

xx.yy.net have A and AAAA=2002:1111:1111::1

/usr/local/bin/ssh -z xx.yy.net
#only v4 in Foreign Address

/usr/local/bin/ssh -z -6 xx.yy.net
#ok, all v4 and v6 addrs in netstat -nW -p sctp

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