[Bug 2143] X11 forwarding for ipv4 is broken when ipv6 is disabled on the loopback interface

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--- Comment #1 from Loganaden Velvindron <loganaden at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Grier Ellis from comment #0)
> I haven't seen this exact bug reported, even on the current version.
> If the ipv6 kernel module is loaded, and ipv6 is disabled on the
> loopback interface, X forwarding (for ipv4, at least) is broken,
> unless AddressFamily is set to "inet".
> It seems that sshd will refuse to listen for X connections on ipv4
> if it can't open an ipv6 socket.  It listens for ssh connections on
> ipv4 either way, so this appears to be a bug.
> Test by toggling /proc/sys/net/ipv6/conf/lo/disable_ipv6.

I can confirm that the bug exists with -current as well.

I was able to reproduce it in our dual-stack environment.
> I could probably find the problem in the code, as I used to be a
> fairly competent c programmer, but I just don't have the time.

I'm looking at the code right now. This looks very interesting :-)

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