[Bug 2016] SCTP Support

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Tue Jan 8 18:55:05 EST 2013


--- Comment #4 from chrysn at fsfe.org ---
i get the same behavior here on linux:

`ssh -z6 fe80::216:d3ff:fece:598f`: ssh: connect to host
fe80::216:d3ff:fece:598f port 22: Invalid argument

what works is `ssh -z4`, `ssh -z6 ::1` and `ssh -z4`.

the relevant lines from my config file are `Transport all`, `Port 22`
and no explicit ListenAddress.

the problem is server-side, as the following socat dialogue shows:

$ socat sctp6:"[fe80::216:d3ff:fece:598f]":22 -
2013/01/08 08:53:30 socat[6565.18446744071997048576] E connect(3, AF=10
[fe80:0000:0000:0000:0216:d3ff:fece:598f]:22, 28): Invalid argument
$ socat sctp6:"[::1]":22 -
SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_6.1p1 Debian-2.1

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