[Bug 1980] use updated ssh-copy-id

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Fri Jan 18 11:07:11 EST 2013


--- Comment #10 from Damien Miller <djm at mindrot.org> ---
Thanks for making the changes - it's pretty close now. A couple more

>  35 DEFAULT_PUB_ID_FILE=$(ls -t ${HOME}/.ssh/*.pub | grep -v -- '-cert.pub$' | head -n 1)

Could you make this id*.pub? I worry about people accidentally
exporting special-use keys instead of the usual default auth keys by

>  67 GETOPT_PARSED=$(getopt --options 'i::p:nh?' --name "$0" --quiet -- "$@")

Would it be possible to pass -o [arg] though to ssh? Quite a few people
have requested this over the years.

> 178   NetScreen*)
> 179     populate_new_ids 1
> 180     for KEY in $(echo "$NEW_IDS"| cut -d' ' -f2) ; do

I'd add:

echo "$KEY" | grep -q ssh-dss || continue

to skip non-DSA keys here if that's all the Netscreens support.

I think populate_new_ids() might need a umask call too.

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