[Bug 1980] use updated ssh-copy-id

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Wed Jan 23 03:38:34 EST 2013


--- Comment #13 from Philip Hands <phil at hands.com> ---
(In reply to comment #12)
> Created attachment 2210 [details]
> Patch to restore contexts on authorized_keys
> Would it be possible to make the ssh-copy-id selinux-aware?

Seems like a reasonable idea, and as long as it's not too radical a
change, shouldn't delay the inclusion in the next ssh release, but:

The ret=$? in the patch seems a bit pointless, given the preceding
... || exit 1 

I'd think that something like this should do the trick for the first
half of the patch:

  mkdir -p .ssh && cat >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys || exit 1

but the next bit looks like two different versions of the patch
incorrectly glued together, so perhaps you will be kind enough to have
another look and write what you meant instead.

Also, please include a space in front of ;'s to match the style of the
rest of the script.

> I also found out few other things about the script, so if you're
> willing to consider that, I'll be glad to provide a feedback (even
> with patches).

Feel free to mail me about it at phil at hands.com

Cheers, Phil.

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