[Bug 1457] X11 Forwarding doesn't work anymore on a solaris 10 host where ipv6 has not been enabled

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Wed Jan 1 23:00:58 EST 2014


Ian Donaldson <iand at ekit-inc.com> changed:

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--- Comment #6 from Ian Donaldson <iand at ekit-inc.com> ---
Any updates on this?  I built 6.4p1 and found the problem
still exists on Solaris 9 and 10 (at least) with no IPV6 running.

I applied this patch to workaround the issue:

*** channels.c.orig     Fri Nov  8 01:28:04 2013
--- channels.c          Wed Jan  1 11:46:27 2014
*** 3466,3471 ****
--- 3466,3474 ----
                                debug2("bind port %d: %.100s", port,

+                               if (ai->ai_next)
+                                       continue;
                                for (n = 0; n < num_socks; n++) {

This restores a piece of code that was there in an older release
(got it from 4.7p1 actually)

Comparing similar code for general port forwarding binds, this
code now behaves like that; ie: works on Solaris without ipv6 enabled.

The code I'm referring into is the bind-fail case
in channel_setup_fwd_listener(); note it continues trying to bind
to other addresses if one fails.

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