[Bug 2081] extend the parameters to the AuthorizedKeysCommand

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Sat Jun 7 01:13:21 EST 2014


--- Comment #14 from Lukas Fleischer <info at cryptocrack.de> ---
Sounds good to me as well. Note that there was a (kind of) concensus to
use environment variables on the ML, see e.g. [1], but I am not sure
whether there were any OpenSSH developers involved in that discussion.

I am willing to write a patch to implement %-expanded arguments in
AuthorizedKeysCommand, however, since this patch is likely to be more
complex (and invasive) than the current approach, it would be great to
know whether the area this patch is touching is affected by the "large
key.c changes coming up in the next couple of weeks". It would be a
shame if the same work would have to be done twice due to massive


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