[Bug 2081] extend the parameters to the AuthorizedKeysCommand

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Mon Sep 22 21:36:43 EST 2014


--- Comment #20 from Alon Bar-Lev <alon.barlev at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Sami Hartikainen from comment #19)
> Created attachment 2477 [details]
> Patch enabling optional %-expanded arguments to AuthorizedKeysCommand
> A patch implementing the %-expanded optional arguments to
> AuthorizedKeysCommand as described in comment 13: %u, %t, %f and %k
> are expanded to username, key type, fingerprint and (base64-encoded)
> key, respectively. If none of the above arguments are specified,
> username is provided to the command as before.


Can you please also add %h as in other commands?

Not sure why you do not use percent_expand unconditionallty for all
parameters, the program will get no key and can response in any way it

Please use execv instead of execl and checking for # of arguments.

I am unsure that argv[4] is valid as I can add many options...

 %u %u %k %k xxx yy xxx

You should translate all.

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