[Bug 2591] ssh-keygen -R is case-sensitive, but should not be

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Mon Jul 11 02:34:12 AEST 2016


--- Comment #3 from Griff Miller II <griff.miller at oplink.net> ---
Hi, Damien.

I guess I can't think of any way a user would depend on "ssh-keygen -R
Myhost" not to remove while depending on "ssh-keygen -R myhost" to
remove, unless they were doing something insane like trying to use the
success or failure of the removal as a means to determine if they had
uppercase letters in their indicated hostname. :) The two commands mean
exactly the same thing, and should produce the same result.

By the way, the hostnames are already being lowercased when they are
added to known_hosts. So thanks, but no, it does not solve the problem
for me.

While it's unlikely that a user would interactively type "ssh-keygen -R
THEHOST" they do have to know enough inside baseball to code
"ssh-keygen -R ${thehost,,}" (bash example) in scripts instead of
"ssh-keygen -R $thehost" .

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