[Bug 2598] ssh-agent very occasionally won't remove keys or certs despite now() >= lifetime

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Darren Tucker <dtucker at zip.com.au> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Darren Tucker <dtucker at zip.com.au> ---
WRT suspends: we changed the timer to CLOCK_MONOTIME in this commit:


so it'll do the right thing over clock steps.  We added CLOCK_BOOTTIME


but that was added in 6.7, so it shouldn't be a problem with the 6.9
version you're using.

reaper is being called when you run ssh-add -l, but after the request
is process and before it runs select() again.  I could imagine a timer
expiring while the system is asleep and the key not being removed until
after the next time it processes a request.  If that's the case, the
key would only show up the first time you ran ssh-add -l.

Failing that, if we add some debugging could you capture the logs for
one of the problem cases?

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