[Bug 2598] ssh-agent very occasionally won't remove keys or certs despite now() >= lifetime

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Sun Jul 17 02:59:37 AEST 2016


--- Comment #3 from Peter Moody <mindrot at hda3.com> ---
osx doesn't appear to have clock_gettime(2), and I can't find any
references to CLOCK_BOOTTIME in /usr/include. if monotime() is just
using time(2), does that help isolate the issue?

If you give me a patch and an idea of what steps you think might tickle
this bug (eg. multiple keys, some constrained and some not, keys
expiring when the laptop is sleeping, etc), I'd be happy to test.

I do have one user that this has happened to twice in the last week and
I might be able get him to replace his ssh-agent and see if something
about his regular workflow just tickles this bug.

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