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Proposed patch for points 6 - 10

Furthermore there are few more checks that are probably very low
priority, but it is up to the upstream consideration if they will get

6. Compare >= 0 instead of direct comparison with -1: "!= -1" when
working with file descriptors.

This solution sanitizes also the negative integers, if it would happen
they would get into the arguments somehow. This is used in many places
in the codebase.

7. PAM authentication in pthread_join is using naively waitpid
expecting it can not fail.

Defensive solution would be call the waitpid until we get valid result,
fail on error and retry on EINTR.

Similar case is in scp and sftp, where the return value is also
ignored. Casting to (void) might silent complains a bit.

8. servconf reading the non active subsystems into arg variable, which
is unused. Casting to void might silent warnings.

9. Most of the paths and arguments in sftp-server are already converted
to (const char *), but there are few left in sftp, which would deserve
being const too.

10. ssh-agent is not checking return value of setegid() and setgid()
functions. Ugly solution is again typing to the (void), better would be
real check for the return value.

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