[Bug 2710] remote ls -l <name> produces inconsistent info

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Sat Apr 29 07:25:02 AEST 2017


--- Comment #2 from DOUGLAS MCILROY <doug at cs.dartmouth.edu> ---
It is more than unfortunate. It gives misinformation: link count 0. One
can learn by experiment that this is a quirk, but one's first
impression is that something has gone wrong. While a change in protocol
probably is the best fix, the bug could be ameliorated by either of the
following client-side methods:

1. Always perform ls -l as if it had no arguments, then display only
the requested entries. This gives fully familiar output at extra cost
server-side processing and data transmission. It probably entails a net
reduction in code.

2. Display link count as a nonnumeric indicator, e.g. one of {- _ ?}.
This eliminates the worst misunderstanding, but still gives surprising,
although correct, uid and gid. It costs nothing.

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