[Bug 2649] Problem with reverse tunnel between SSH client 5.5p1 and SSH server > 6.4p1

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Thu Dec 28 00:31:08 AEDT 2017


--- Comment #2 from debacle at debian.org ---
Dear Damien, unfortunately I have a lot of clients out there, and some
are hard (almost impossible) to upgrade. And to upgrade them they need
the SSH tunnel connection in the first place :~) Because they all
connect to the same server, I'm a little bit in a mess.

My suggestion would be a kind of optional behaviour on the server side.
Maybe a config variable "reverse_tunnel_wildcard_behaviour" or

 - no configuration/default: new protocol behaviour
 - set to "vintage": old (pre 5.5p1) behaviour
 - set to "try my best": use new or old behaviour depending on client

I'm an SSH ignorant and do not even know whether the SSH server knows
about the SSH client version, so the third behaviour is purely wishful
thinking on my side. In theory, an incompatible change of protocol
(even if it is a bug fix) should reflect somehow in a "protocol
version", but I'm not sure, whether this is the case here?

Do you know, whether/how I can get the client and/or protocol version
in channels.c and port_open_helper()? TIA!

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