[Bug 2685] Case sensitive hostname matching

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--- Comment #1 from Richard Birkett <openssh at richard.birkett.com> ---
Historically, matching in ssh_config was always case-sensitive.  This
stopped happening sometime in 2013/2014, which I guess is why the
commits you mention were considered to be a bug-fix, not a new feature.

I'm not sure the argument of the "Host" keyword should necessarily be
expected to behave exactly like a DNS hostname, including all the
equivalence rules like RFC 4343.  Despite the keyword's name, in
practice it's just a pattern to match against whatever text was
supplied on the command-line.  That's *usually* a hostname, but there
are valid use-cases which treat it as an arbitrary label, with the real
hostname specified by HostName.

Maybe the best of both worlds (though not entirely backward-compatible)
would be for matching of the Host keyword to be case-insensitive, but
add an optional modifier on the Match keyword so that people who
specifically want case-sensitive matching can have it, eg.

    Match caseful originalhost WeIrDlAbEl

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