[Bug 2651] ssh prints bogus error message if config file has very long lines

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Fri Mar 10 16:53:36 AEDT 2017


--- Comment #6 from don fong <dfong at dfong.com> ---
the patch(es) that i submitted have some advantages over this fix.

* this fix errors out when the line length is exactly 4095 including
newline.  in this case, the line is not "too long" to fit in the
buffer, so the error message is somewhat misleading.  my patch
correctly handles the case when the line exactly fits in the buffer.

* when the error happens, my patch prints a more helpful error message,
telling the user what the maximum line length is.

* my patch has a regression test.

* my patch also documents (in the man page) the fact that there is a
limit on the line length.

* my patch uses a symbolic constant for the maximum line length.  this
is a better practice than a hard-coded constant.  it is also needed to
tie together the code, the regression test, and the documentation.

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