[Bug 2816] tty misbehaving

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--- Comment #2 from Darren Tucker <dtucker at dtucker.net> ---
Is the client on Solaris, the server on Solaris or both?

Could you please attach (vie "Add an attacment") the generated config.h
files from both 7.4p1 and 7.6p1 builds?

Also please log in using ssh -vvv and try resizing your window.  You
should see something like this:

$ stty | grep rows
rows = 24; columns = 86; ypixels = 0; xpixels = 0;
[resize here]
debug2: client_check_window_change: changed
debug2: channel 0: request window-change confirm 0
debug3: send packet: type 98
$ stty | grep rows
rows = 24; columns = 87; ypixels = 0; xpixels = 0;

That should help narrow it down to whether or not the client is sending
the window change messages.  (actually please attach the entire output
of this ssh session too).

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