[Bug 2818] Atari FreeMiNT platform needs patch to openbsd-compat

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FreeMiNT patch

I don't follow what this is fixing.  It has <sys/statvfs.h> but not
statvfs() ?  Could you please show the relevant #defines from config.h
on this platform?

Also m68k seriously?  How long does a login take?

> 	/* as defined in IEEE Std 1003.1, 2004 Edition */
>+#if ((!defined(HAVE_STATVFS) && defined(HAVE_STATFS)) || \
>+     (!defined(HAVE_FSTATVFS) && defined(HAVE_FSTATFS)))
> struct statvfs {

If you need to conditionalize this struct I think configure should
explicitly check for it, not try to infer it from other definitions.

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